Frequently Asked Questions

Each individual with hearing loss experiences unique challenges and concerns. Here are several questions our team frequently receives, along with our expert answers.

  • How do I know if my child needs Speech Therapy?

    If you have a concern regarding your child's communication skills, the first step is to contact a Speech Language Therapist. The need for speech therapy depends on many factors. Speech and language problems are not uncommon in children. Kids progress and develop at different rates. If you think your child or loved one is not communicating appropriate to their age, its best to get them assessed. After the assessment session the Speech Language Therapist will counsel you regarding the need for Speech Therapy.

  • What are the causes of speech and language disorders?

    Some common causes may include hearing loss, mental retardation or altered development of the brain before birth, autism, and cerebral palsy. Many language disorders occur without an identifiable cause.

  • How are parents involved in the process of Speech Language Assessment and Therapy?

    During the evaluation process, we obtain developmental history information via a parent/caregiver interview. Parent information is also used in writing treatment goals and developing home programs. As part of the team, the parents are viewed by the SLP as valued members of the team.

  • How do I enrol for Speech Therapy?

    Please contact us on our appointment contact number: (+91) 99099 81829 / (+91) 99099 81830

  • How often does my child need Speech sessions?

    Therapy frequency depends on your child's need. Typical frequencies include twice or thrice weekly.

  • How long is the therapy session?

    The length of the sessions depends on your child's need. Typical therapy duration is between 30 and 45 minutes.

  • How long will my child need therapy?

    This depends on your child's diagnosis, and the severity of any condition they may have. Some children finish therapy in a few months, and others require several years of therapy before they are functioning more age-appropriately.

  • How will my child benefit from Speech Therapy?

    Speech Therapists aim to improve the communication ability of the person. We develop individualized programs to develop essential skills needed for communication. We also give out parent home training programs to provide maximum benefit from intervention.

  • Do you provide Speech Therapy for adults?

    Yes, we do! We cater to a wide range of disorders. We have shown excellent patient care for post-stroke aphasia, stuttering, voice disorders, swallowing disorders and other neurological disorders.

  • Where are your clinics located?

    ARTH speech and hearing clinic and cochlear implant rehab centre is located in Ahmedabad and Nadiad city of Gujarat. You can access our services at our two centres. To know more please give us a call!