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Audiological Diagnostic And Rehabilitative Services


Dr. Hemant Patel

Audiologist & Speech Pathologist Clinical Cochlear Implant Specialist


The Arth speech and hearing clinic is a center of excellence specializing in comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for adults and the assessment of children, including infants. A thorough diagnostic audiological evaluation is the first step if you suspect a hearing problem and essential before commencing habilitation. Our qualified audiologists (registered under RCI) are skilled in the areas of pediatric assessment and management including infant/toddler assessments, adult diagnostic audiological procedures, balance assessment, electrophysiological assessment, hearing aid and assistive technology selection and provision, auditory processing assessment and the development of effective communication skills through audiologic rehabilitation.

We at ARTH provide a wide range of audiological evaluation and treatment services including:

  • Hearing Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid: Evaluation, Selection, and Service
  • Hearing aid optimization through objective measurements
  • Cortical auditory evoked potentials for assessing at the auditory cortex level (at the brain level).
  • Auditory Processing Disorder Evaluations
  • Pre-Cochlear Implant assessment and Switch on, Mapping and aural verbal rehabilitation (AVT).
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Tinnitus Consultations and Treatment
  • Custom Hearing Protection and Swim Molds
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Vestibular and Balance Evaluations
  • Virtual Care Appointments

Assessment of hearing sensitivity can take place at any age; it requires Special testing techniques & tests which are used to assess the hearing ability in a very young child (Newborn) and for the adult person with hearing problems. There are several special tests available for assessing the hearing pathway till the level of the auditory cortex (at the brain level) before hearing aid/cochlear implant and after hearing aid fitting/cochlear implant. Following your testing, an audiologist will present the results and will answer any questions you may have regarding the diagnosis and optimal treatment for the same by recommending you for further available treatments.

The audiologist will also give you recommendations based on the evaluation.

Tests available at ARTH Clinic

  • Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)
  • Speech Audiometry
  • Behavioral Observation Audiometry (CPA) / Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA)/ Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA)
  • Free Field Audiometry (FFA)
  • Immittance Audiometry
  • Oto Acoustic Emissions (OAEs)- Screening/ Diagnostics
  • Auditory Brainstem Responses (BERA)
  • Auditory Steady-State Responses (ASSR)
  • Evoked potentials including MLR, LLR, p300 (CAEP)
  • Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (C-Vemp & O-Vemp)
  • vHIT, VNG
  • Special tests for differential diagnosis.